2016-07-06 Arkajolie and Lars Åkerlund

Free improv with amplified monochord, electronics and voice

Wednesday 2016-07-06 at 19:30

  • Arkajolie & Lars Åkerlund

Artists on stage from ~ 20:00

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Experimental musician/performer, combining free improv (noise/minimal/lyrical) with movement and performance. Working mostly with clarinet and voice and occasionally appropriating other instruments (Guzheng, Suona etc). Founding member of AGE (Algorithmic Glitch Ensemble) and of Archetype Ensemble, teaches at the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong.



Lars Åkerlund is a composer, sound artist and performer of mainly electronic and electro acoustic music. Classically trained but mainly active in the alternative electronic scene, co-founding bands like P.I.T.T. (with Zbigniew Karkowski et al) and Lucky People Center (with Johan Söderberg and Sebastian Öberg).  He studied classical guitar at Conservatorio del Liceo, Barcelona and classical guitar and electro acoustic music at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, at the EMS, Stockholm as well as musicology at the University of Stockholm.

He composes and performs live with computers, controllers and different live electronic equipment, such as amplified monochord.  Since the 90’ies he makes music for contemporary dance with choreographers Per Jonsson, Björn Elisson, Johan Inger and Cristina Caprioli and the Rambert Dance Company, London, Finnish National Ballet, Helsinki, the Gothenburg Opera Ballet, Stockholm Opera Ballet and most of the major Nordic dance companies, as well as the companies of the choreographers.
Touring in Africa, South America, South East Asia, East Asia, USA and Europe.

Lars Åkerlund released records on labels as Radium 226.05, Firework Edition Records, SubRosa, Monotype Records, R.O.S.A. MNW Records and Fylkingen Records.