2015-10-17 Kronikor

A contemporary Jazz and Improvisation concert with Kronikor

Saturday 2015-10-17 at 20:00

The music of Kronikor takes the listener to a journey of various states and temperaments.  Influenced by the jazz tradition, classical and contemporary music, the pieces are exploring borders.  Borders between discipline – freedom, composition – improvisation, acoustic – amplified, sound – music, individual – collective.

The musicians from Switzerland and Sweden are always looking for the most honest expression of the present moment. This opens up space for the unexpected and allows musical communication on a very high level.

Laura Schuler CH, violin, composition
Lisa Grotherus SWE, clarinet, bassclarinet
Anatole Buccella CH, guitar
Emil Skogh SWE, doublebass
Andreas Pollak SWE, drums

Contact: lauraschuler87@gmail.com
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/lauravioline/sets/kronikor