2016-05-20 Kronikor & Murmur

Double concert with Laura Schuler’s Kronikor and Klas Nevrin’s Murmur

19:00 on Friday 2016-05-20
  • Kronikor
  • Murmur

Donations welcome (cash only)

First band on stage at ~20:00



Kronikor takes the listener to a journey of various states and temperaments. Influenced by the jazz tradition, classical and contemporary music, the pieces are exploring borders. Borders between discipline and freedom, composition and improvisation, sound and music, individual and collective, tradition and vanguard.

The musicians from Switzerland and Sweden met 2014 in Stockholm. During there performances one can experience a strong musical connection and artistic understanding. The longing for a honest expression of the present moment through music is the central theme in this band. There attitude of playing music together opens up space for the unexpected and allows musical communication on a very high level.

  • Laura Schuler CH (violin; composition)
  • Lisa Grotherus SWE (clarinet, bass clarinet)
  • Anatole Buccella CH (guitar)
  • Emil Skogh SWE (doublebass)
  • Andreas Pollak SWE (drums)

Contact: lauraschuler87@gmail.com



Whispered words, a hummed song.
The earth. Dreamlike blurred. It’s rotating in slow motion.
Surface. Creation by the inhabitants.
Ants, vibration in soil.
Clearwings softly touches dew. Flying.
Drops of glitter in the air.
Feathers are dancing on blades of grass.
Whispered words. Constant transformation of space and time. Ancestors shine. The hymn of life.
Archetypes are dancing waltz.
All that sound on earth.

  • Klas Nevrin (Keys),
  • Rea Dubach (voice)
  • Laura Schuler (violin)