2016-06-04 RAIN Dance – Film, performance and disco

LÖRDAGEN DEN 4/6 KL. 19:00

It’s raining again…

I can’t stand the rain…
I am singing and dancing in the rain…

IT’S RAINING dance, film and performance


Yolanda Alonso Bothén and piak

19.00 FILM Screenings: Situated performance
  • Presentation
  • ”Kvinnor på en brygga ” Stills and video ~5 min.


Documentation of site related performance at Stockholm fringe festival Stoff 2012.

Concept and direction: Yolanda A. Bothén. Performers: Linda Priha,  Glenda Giacco, Sara Nylund, Myriam Peyrard-Janvid and Hilde Rustad.

We worked for a period of 5 days. First at the Island of Lidingö, Elfvik  that’s where the sunny still pictures are taken and in the last two days at the centre of Stockholm always on a pier (brygga). The performances were around 45 min but it started to RAIN so we did around 20 min.  In the video we see the warming up and a short excerpt of the performance after the rain at Strandvägen 18.

  • ”Pier Ruin” a dance film/situated performance ~12 min.

A meditative sound image composition featuring dancers as sea creatures rising out of water and coming to rest on the beach as the sun sets.

Concept, video and piano improvisation by piak.
Dance by Fia Edlund, Louise Kvarby, Sofia Nordgren, Barbara Schwanheusser and Svante Wagenius.

Shot at a dance seminar arranged 2008 at the island of Ven off the Swedish west cost.  Fresh new edit 2016, based on original captures.

  • Dialogue about the topic:  Situated performance
Paus 15 min
RAIN SCORE – A structure for dancing.

Open for everybody (brave enough).  Lead by Yolanda, ~30 min

Paus 15 min
DISCO with piak as DJ

Expect the unexpected…